Our menus focus on hearty, rustic dishes with influences from around the world. We work constantly with local farmers and the best fresh fish suppliers in Northern England to offer you the customer the best quality of meat, fish and vegetables we can find.

Please click on the link to upload our sample menus. We do change the menus so please be aware that these are samples. For a copy of the latest menus please contact us on +44 (0)142 386 3632.

Our wine compilation is more than a list. Every wine has been individually tasted by a member of the family and has our personal recommendation.

Creating a list of several hundred wines or more is relatively simple. A wine list of more modest proportions such as this is infinitely more difficult. With the vast number of wines produced today, the problem becomes not what to put on, rather what to leave off, especially if one is concerned with offering ‘still to be discovered’ wines, alongside the ‘Old World’ favourites.

Our commitment to serving only wines that we ourselves would drink has over the years held us in good stead and is a policy that we will continue. We would also, strongly urge our guests to be a little more adventurous in their selection and possibly enjoy a previously untried wine, as a great many are unavailable elsewhere.

All our listed wines are available, subject to quantity, on a ‘take-out’ basis, at very competitive prices. If you particularly like a wine and would wish to enjoy a bottle or more at home, please ask a member of staff to view the price list for consumption off the premises.